baby babble

13th September 2017

funny things our kids have said lately…

Watching golf with Madeleine- “Here goes mint boy.” (The golfer wearing a mint color shirt) “Oh no he missed it.” (Practice swings) “Why are they clapping he hasn’t made it into the hole yet?”

“Marks aset go!”- J

M-“My eyes are burning from the pool.”  Me-“Yes that’s the chlorine.” M-“I’m allergic to chlorine then. Does the beach have chlorine?” Me- “No, it’s salty.” J-“Why?” M-“Because God sprinkled salt in it and just mixed it all up.”

Madeleine practicing her rhyming words as we pull up to our house and our neighbor ‘Mr. Rich’ is outside…,”Mama!  Rich, bitch!  That rhymes!!”

“There’s a bug! Clap it mama!” – J

“Wow! Joseph got money lines for his birthday!” – Madeleine’s reaction to one of Joseph’s birthday cards that had money inside.

IMG_1925“Oh! I had a tooty in my mouth!” – J

“That skeleton has bad skin.” – M

“Dad, these shrimp are dead right?” -M before shrimp for dinner

“My dad is as fast as a car!” – M

Playing ‘house’ with Madeleine and she tucks me into bed and then says, “Goodnight, now I am going to have wine downstairs on the couch with my husband.”

Joseph LOVES chapstick and says, “Don’t kiss me on the lips because I have chapstick on, you can kiss me on my cheek.”

Joe asked for a bite of Joe Joe’s ice cream at chick fil a and he says across the table, “No, because I’m too far away.”

“That gun shotter is shooting for a woodpecker.” – J

IMG_1796“Mama, you are such a great mama I wish all kids could have you as a mama. I think we can fit 18 kids in the guest room.” – M

“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!  You better not, here I come!”

“A moth is  a butterfly at night.” -M

“I can talk now, I am all warmed up.” -M

“I got nail polish on my dress, but don’t worry, we have oxyclean.” -M

M-“All T-Rex’s are dead.” Me- “Yes that means they are extinct.” J-“Yeah they are pee eww!”

“It’s just like real life.” M’s reaction to her dance recital dress rehearsal and seeing the big stage

IMG_7802Me-“Joseph, wipe that mean look off your face.” J-(grabs a wipe) “Where is it??”

“Mom, can you get ‘space’ on your phone and ask whoever is driving anything to space and see if we can see Jupiter and all the planets?” – M

“How did you get that scab on your nose?” M- “Well, at the wedding party it just flew on there.”

“My voice is running out of battery.” -M

“Daddy, when you put cologne on you smell handsome.” -M

“When you make a mistake in the toilet you use a plunger.” -M

“If you have a lot of boogies you need a tissue.  If you have a little boogies, just pick it.” -M

IMG_1428Madeleine was spinning in circles on the stool in the doctors office and she almost tipped over. I said, “Woah, that was scary, you almost tipped over!”  Madeleine said, “Tipping over is always in style.”

At the dinner table one night Madeleine out of the blue says, “You know, we should really go to Great Wolf Lodge.”

M-“Daddy, why do you have hair on your chest?” Joe- “Because God made me that way.” M-“Papa doesn’t have any hair on his head because it all went down to his legs.”

There were some ladies speaking spanish in the bathroom stalls and Madeleine says out loud, “They are being silly when they talk!”

“Mama can I have Modelo? I’m a dult.” Me- “Oh you like beer?” M-“I like white wine.”


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