baby babble

9th February 2015

IMG_0720M is talking so much right now and I want to remember the precious ways she says certain things.  Here are a few things we hear several times a day:

“Planes, are you?”-when she hears a plane or is outside looking for one.

“dooning”=What are you doing?IMG_0835

“sosion”=lotion which she loves to put on her hands and belly every night after her bath.


When you ask her what her name is she says “Maddie” and sometimes she’ll add on “Velek”IMG_0891


“lub you”=Love you

“sip some,” or “see some” is when she wants what we are eating or drinking

“High pies”=High Fives, one time at church we were giving a blessing so everyone had their hands extended to the front and M insisted that she give the row behind us high fives!

“hold you”

IMG_0722“pianos”-for some reason piano is always plural


She remembers and talks about things that scared her like the car wash and the pinata.  She will literally bring them up throughout the day and tell me all about them over and over.

When she wants to read Go Dogs Go, she says “GogogoGoGo” and “Ebber” is when she wants to read I’ll love you Forever.


Her tiny little voice is the greatest and I cannot get enough.

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