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beach trip

28th September 2017

Every summer we take an annual beach trip with each side of our family to spend time away from the norm.  There is nothing better than a semi circle of lawn chairs and the sound of waves in between the conversations, even with all the sunscreen applications and sandy snacks:)  Here are some of my favorites photos from this summer…

IMG_1807 IMG_8061 IMG_8132 IMG_8158 IMG_8218 IMG_8226 IMG_8258 IMG_8293 IMG_8303 IMG_8424 IMG_1294 IMG_1318 IMG_1322 IMG_7600 IMG_7617 IMG_7648 IMG_7655 IMG_7917 IMG_7957

lake with the littles

22nd August 2016

This summer my family took a day trip to the lake with all the grandkids.  We had so much fun riding the boat around the lake I grew up on and the kids loved stopping and swimming every chance they got!  We pulled a tube and even little Madeleine held on:)  We spent the night all together and ended the day with a camp fire and smores.  Thanks mom and dad!

IMG_4609 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 IMG_4661 IMG_4670 IMG_4695 IMG_4702 IMG_4735 IMG_4744

beach babes

27th June 2016

Joe and I packed the truck and woke the kids up early to go down for a day at the beach, just us.  I love road trips with Joe because its such a great opportunity to just sit and talk, which is hard to find in our crazy busyness these days.  The kids both loved the water and the sand and the fact that they got unlimited snacks and lemonade:)  We played all day and then, thanks to the lifeguard recommendation, showered in the Holiday Inn outdoor shower which unfortunately was right next to their bar and cabana party. Who doesn’t love a little white baby tush?  I think it was a good day, the kids fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot!

IMG_4551 IMG_4553 IMG_4561 IMG_4564 IMG_4591IMG_4579 IMG_6779 IMG_6780

Colorado here we go!!

21st June 2016

Madeleine thinks all planes fly to Colorado and in May we flew there again for Eli’s graduation from the Augustine Institute where she earned her Masters in Theology.  It was a long weekend trip complete with hiking, mini vans, dinner at the Presidents house, luggage cart rides, Rocky Mountain National Park, hotel pool, graduation and lots of eating out.  Here are some pictures from our little family vacation…IMG_1630 IMG_4345 IMG_4346 IMG_4349 IMG_4367 IMG_5298 IMG_5310 IMG_5318 IMG_6161 IMG_6173 IMG_6190 IMG_6215 IMG_6217 IMG_6222 IMG_6230 IMG_6239 IMG_1708IMG_6253 IMG_6254