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no pup is too small

3rd November 2016

Paw Patrol is the favorite show in our household these days, so Madeleine and Joseph dressed up as Skye and Marshall this year, and Joe and I tagged along as Ryder and Katie. It was always funny when I told people what we were dressing up as and they had never heard of Paw Patrol #parentprobs. Paw Patrol is on a roll!!!

We had fun with family and neighbors trick or treating and got enough candy to last us till Easter!  Madeleine told us “her bucket was tired of carrying all the candy,” and “skeletons are not scary they are just cool.” :)

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!

img_5704 img_5725 img_5752 img_5766 img_5774 img_5785 img_5789 img_5808 img_5809 img_5823

three cheers

10th October 2016

img_5519Madeleine turned three in August and we celebrated with a cheerleader birthday party.  Madeleine fell in love with cheer last football season when we took her to her first high school game.  We were very prepared with snacks and activities to keep her busy throughout the game, but to our surprise, she sat on Joe’s lap the entire time taking it all in.  From the band to the breakthrough, to the kick line and kick off, she was in awe.  She talked about it all the way home and into the following weeks so I pulled out my old cheer megaphone, some pom poms and Joe’s cousins’ tiny SV uniforms they wore when he played, and Madeleine spent a lot of time playing “cheer,” throughout the year. I joke that she is head cheerleader because she is very bossy particular about formations and cheers we call.

We had fun prepping for the birthday party by painting “Go Fight Win” signs and making pom poms in a variety of school colors.  We decided to serve tailgate food like hotdogs and chips and for dessert we made a football cake.  All of Madeleine’s friends got to decorate a megaphone with school spirit stickers and then fill them up with candy from the backyard piñata.

The best part of Madeleine’s party was early in the morning when the bounce house arrived.  M and her cousins were still in their pj’s watching from the back porch as the bounce house inflated and Madeleine started yelling, “Mama mama! I want to go put my Baylor cheer uniform on and get my REAL pom poms and go do cheerleader jumps in there!!!!”  And she did.

Three Cheers for Madeleine’s Birthday! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! img_5368 img_5369 img_5373 img_5378 img_5394 img_5403 img_5421 img_5422 img_5427 img_5445 img_5561 img_5566

sand and swimsuits

7th September 2016

We took a trip down to the beach with Joe’s side of the family in August and had so much fun playing with ALL the sweet babies in our family!! We see each other throughout the year but this is one of the few times we are all together in one place.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip…

img_4806 img_4809 img_4813 img_4816 img_4843 img_4871 img_4880 img_4883 img_4887 img_4890 img_4908 img_4936 img_4939 img_4980 img_5095 img_5133 img_5134 img_5153 img_5193 img_5198 img_5207 img_5240 img_5247 img_5251 img_5263 img_5266 img_5288 img_5302 img_5314

david & tarah’s greatest adventure

27th April 2016

IMG_3516 IMG_3521 IMG_3522









In March we celebrated the upcoming arrival of my niece, Reese Cecilia, with a glamorous camping, “glamping,” themed baby shower.  The mama to be is gluten intolerant, so we all got creative and made delicious gluten free breakfast foods complete with cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and breakfast casseroles.  We had a headband bar set up for each guest to make a sweet bow for miss Reese.  Dave and Tarah will bring their new baby home to Montana where they have spent their first year of marriage. We cannot wait for her arrival in May! Prayers for a happy and healthy delivery!

IMG_3524 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3531 IMG_3532 IMG_3537 IMG_3541 IMG_3555 IMG_3586


21st April 2016

I know I am really behind on posting these pictures, Easter was 4 week ago?  But I’m just getting around to looking at them anyway and we are still snacking on Easter candy, so it’s appropriate.  Last year, we had a brand new Joe Joe, a double ear infection toddler, and missed out on all the fun, so this year was amazing.  Madeleine adored the chicks and understood egg hunts, Joe and I won second place in the egg toss, Joseph wore a sweater vest, and everyone behaved in mass. It was wonderful.  Here are some of my favorite moments…IMG_4034 IMG_4039 IMG_4048 IMG_4074 IMG_5806 IMG_3855 IMG_3865 IMG_3886 IMG_3931 IMG_5755 IMG_5782 IMG_5789 IMG_3944 IMG_3999 IMG_4007 IMG_4011 IMG_5793