christmas time

9th January 2015

Our Christmas holiday was magical!  We had celebrations with each of our parents and grandparents and even one for our own little family.  I loved everything from how our home felt all decorated for the season, to watching loved ones open the gifts we gave, to our mass celebrations of Jesus’ birth.  Some of my favorite traditions include coffee and christmas light driving, matching cousin pj’s, fake snowball fights and singing for presents.

Christmas as a kid is awesome but Christmas with YOUR kids is even better.  There is just SO many new things to do and activities to try during the holiday.  M had, and loved, her first cup of hot chocolate and kept saying “sip it” and she was really into opening her presents, “open it, open it!” We watched Christmas movies and read nativity books, we baked cookies, and made fires in the fireplace.  Like I said before it was magical!

There were a couple of sad moments as this was the first Christmas Joe and I had without our Grandpa and Popo. We had the opportunity to visit each of them at the cemetery to display a wreath and sing a carol and these were some of the most precious moments of my year.

I feel incredibly blessed with such a wonderful life and family, and I love the feeling of a new year and the goals of improving my faith, my relationships, and loving more.  Thank you Lord for Christmas time and your sweet birthday!

Here are some photos from our holiday!

IMG_2836 IMG_2874IMG_7558IMG_7576IMG_2932IMG_7571IMG_2902IMG_2937IMG_8102IMG_8122 IMG_8187 IMG_8224IMG_8016 IMG_8250IMG_8400 IMG_8457IMG_8435IMG_8341IMG_8494 IMG_8626 IMG_8654 IMG_8663 IMG_8704

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