diy maternity photos

30th March 2015

IMG_9116CroppedBWI love having maternity photos of my pregnancy with Madeleine and wanted to do a little something for baby Joseph too without making much of a fuss.  Joe and I decided to do a diy maternity photo shoot inspired by this one my friend Kate did with one of her clients.  I loved how real it was; we read with Madeleine all the time and cuddles with her in our bed are the best, plus a no stress wardrobe…I’m in!IMG_9081

It took a while to get the lighting and camera settings right, and by this I mean our pictures would finally focus and weren’t pitch black without a flash.  Joe, the photographer, was a real sport and totally patient with Madeleine’s requests for snacks and my complaints that, “my stomach looked weird in that one.”

IMG_9287Madeleine is really sweet to Joe Joe or Baby Joseph or Baby Joe Joe as she calls him.  I’m not sure she totally gets it but she pats my belly, gives him kisses, tells him to turn down please (he is currently breech just like she was) and asks him to come and play with her.  We recently installed his car seat and she is thrilled that he will soon be sitting next to her on our adventures.

I’m excited to have these photos of carrying baby Joseph and to document the sweet time with Madeleine reading to her new brother.  We can’t wait for him to be here!


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