21st April 2016

I know I am really behind on posting these pictures, Easter was 4 week ago?  But I’m just getting around to looking at them anyway and we are still snacking on Easter candy, so it’s appropriate.  Last year, we had a brand new Joe Joe, a double ear infection toddler, and missed out on all the fun, so this year was amazing.  Madeleine adored the chicks and understood egg hunts, Joe and I won second place in the egg toss, Joseph wore a sweater vest, and everyone behaved in mass. It was wonderful.  Here are some of my favorite moments…IMG_4034 IMG_4039 IMG_4048 IMG_4074 IMG_5806 IMG_3855 IMG_3865 IMG_3886 IMG_3931 IMG_5755 IMG_5782 IMG_5789 IMG_3944 IMG_3999 IMG_4007 IMG_4011 IMG_5793

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