4th December 2015


Joseph you are so close to crawling.  If only you could learn that you have to move your hands along with your knees. Just the other day you took three little ‘steps’ toward an ornament as we were decorating for Christmas, but you didn’t even realize it and haven’t done it again. You’ve already shown some interest in pulling up too and you do a great plank with your tush in the air.  Sometimes I feel like you are going to skip crawling and go straight to standing.IMG_2445 IMG_2449 IMG_2457

This month you have been very vocal.  You say “ah,” “Ma,” and “more.”  I think you say “Ma” for Madeleine because the other day we could hear her in the monitor and you looked over and said “Ma” like you were looking for her.  One morning you heard Dad and M downstairs and you kept saying “Ahh” like you were calling for them!  It’s pretty adorable watching you communicate with us.  You also like to wave, give us high fives, and BIG open mouth kisses.  A lot of time you grab both my cheeks and give me kisses, and then I melt.  You definitely are a sweet boy.  You even share your crackers and pacifier with me when I ask for them and you think that is a fun game.IMG_2491 IMG_4215

The best thing this month is that we realized you sing.  Several times you heard music and your voice got really soft and long. Especially at church when the choir starts up, you join right in.  It is precious.IMG_4225 IMG_4237 IMG_4300

Another one of my favorites this month is that you have liked falling asleep on our shoulders.  You used to only sleep in a cradle position, but lately you nuzzle right under my chin on my shoulder and I can’t get enough cuddles!IMG_4321 IMG_4402


You are still eating great and have mastered picking up your sippy cup by yourself.  We moved you up to size 3 diapers now and you are waering 6-12 month clothes.  A little more hair has grown in but we are still waiting on those teeth…all I want for Christmas??? Happy eighth month Joe Joe!IMG_4413

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