8th September 2015



Joseph you are five months old now!  How is this possible and how is the year almost over??  Time is flying but one thing is for sure, we are having lots of fun!  You have gotten very comfortable with your hands and we play with your toys now.  Your favorite is the crinkly book that makes lots of noise. You cry immediately when you drop it but stop as soon as its in your hands again!  You are exploring everything we give you by holding it and then tasting it:)



You also got your first taste of rice cereal this month.  I was so excited to start feeding you and you got the hang of it real quick, helping me with the spoon and making a mess are your new talents. Next up, oatmeal and pears…. Hopefully this will help your tummy and spit up situation which is still full force and quite embarrassing when we are in public. We all smell lovely these days:) You also like to eat our fingers and your toes, maybe some teeth are on their way soon?



You have really fallen in love with your sister and you are so content watching her play.  She loves to make you laugh so she will make silly faces and sounds to you and you quickly smile and coo back which makes her laugh and this game goes on and on.  Sometimes I feel left out with you two, hello Mom is still here haha! We all love to tickle you because you are just too easy.  You are ticklish everywhere it seems but the best spots are your back and  legs.



You are such a rolly polly this month.  You roll onto your tummy or side almost as soon as we lay you down and you prefer to sleep on your belly with you little tush in the air. adorable. During awake times we can usually find you propped up on your arms watching us or playing with your toys.


Some fun events happened this month!  You took your first airplane ride to Colorado for Dave and Tarah’s wedding and we went to Schlitterbahn!



You had a check up this month and everything looks great and healthy.  You weigh 13lb 4oz and are 24 inches long.  You still wear size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes and size 1 shoes.  The doctor wants us to see a neurologist just to double check your head shape isn’t interfering with your development so we have an appointment set up for next month. You had another round of shots but you were so brave and cried just a little before you were back to flirting with the nurse. Happy five months sweet boy!



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