29th May 2015


IMG_1628Joseph your first month has been wonderful!  We have eaten up every second of snuggling with you while you are such a sleepy infant and cuddling seems to be one of your favorites.  You are such a happy boy and only seem to cry when you have tummy trouble or when you are hungry. Seriously, you like diaper changes, bath time, and you even fall asleep during tummy time! Speaking of diaper changes, they were right when they said to watch out for little boys.  You have squirted us several times but we are getting the hang of it thanks to pee pee teepees. When you do cry, we are able to soothe you pretty easily in spite of the fact that you dislike your papi and gag every time we try.

IMG_1720 IMG_1687 IMG_1692

IMG_1770 IMG_1818 IMG_1830






















We were very busy this month and you have learned to enjoy your car seat and are getting used to the wrap. Some events that you attended this month include two doctor appointments, Cash’s birthday party, Pops’ birthday celebration, our friend’s couples shower, Easter and your baptism!  Told you we were busy!!  Easter was low key this year since we brought you home on Good Friday and your sister was majorly sick until the next weekend. You were such a sweet brother and let us give her all the attention she needed and we are SO thankful.

IMG_1839 IMG_3378

You went to the doctor at 1 week and 2 weeks and everything looks great! We followed up at the hospital to retest your bilirubin levels just in case but everything tested normal.

IMG_3384 IMG_3389 IMG_3399

















We are not really on a schedule yet but you like to eat about every three hours and I feel like you are growing like a weed. I can’t wait to see your progress at your 8 week appointment.  At night you sleep in our room in the same bassinet your dad slept in as a baby and if we are lucky you might stretch out to around 4 hours between feedings.  You don’t like being swaddled at first but then you eventually give in and sleep like a rock.  Dad calls you a little Houdini because you always manage to get one arm out of the swaddle which is totally impressive.

IMG_9533 IMG_9635


You like to lay down, not just when you are sleeping but during the day too.  We stretch you out so we can talk and play and you love it.  Madeleine loves this time too and always tells you “HI!” and points to different parts of you telling us all about it.  You always look to the left and we are trying to work on that so your little head doesn’t get flat.

IMG_9639 IMG_9657

Milestone wise you focus on our faces and are so close to cooing but for now you like to grunt and squeak. Happy first month Joe Joe!


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