11th August 2015



This month was so fun! We took you on two beach trips and you were a major beach bum. It took you a while to get used to the wind but you really loved the sound of the waves and slept peacefully in our arms or on a towel in the sand. You looked absolutely adorable in your swimsuits and matching hats. We celebrated the 4th of July this month and while your sister was afraid of the fireworks, you layed there on the picnic blanket just watching in wonder at all the beautiful colors.












You are such a mover and learned to roll over both ways; first, back to tummy and then tummy to back. You also found your feet and you love to grab them every time we change your diaper. We tried out your Bumbo chair for the first time this month and you LOVE it! You look so proud sitting up like a big boy and we really enjoy having you at the table with us at meal times, although we could do without so much spit up. Your head control has really improved and you love to be held up so you can look around at everything. You are very aware and can tell when we leave the room. You usually fuss until we come back and talk to you some more.











You are really talking a lot these days and just coo and coo at us. Madeleine loves to talk to you and she is pretty good at speaking your language. I love listening to your conversations. Your smile is still the sweetest and you laugh when we tickle you with our chins or when we laugh at you. I think you are already working on some teeth because you love to chomp on your hands and our fingers and oh my, the drool is constant!













Sleep is digressing a little, probably because you break out of your swaddle every night! You are learning to sleep when we put you down during the day but you definitely prefer to be held and snuggled during your naps. You finally take a pacifier, which is surprising because you always sucked on your hands I thought for sure you would find your thumb. I am glad that we have a way to soothe your little cries now!



Your eyes are turning blue and they are so BIG and beautiful. I am in trouble for sure! You are wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing. Your hair is starting to come in too and it is so fluffy right after your bath. Happy 4 months Joe Joe!IMG_0252

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