being shelve-ish

26th August 2015






The previous owners made some really great shelves running along the walls in our garage but the only issue was that they were too high.  We needed a more practical and reachable shelf solution to house the garage items we were keeping in totes and crates.



We purchased this black industrial shelf from Home Depot for about $60 which is an awesome deal for a 5 shelf, 48″X72″ set up.  We really liked black and felt that the particle board shelving would be sturdy and wouldn’t sag under weight. We also liked that we could fit 3 of my favorite Container Store Bins on each shelf.



Putting it together was fairly easy with two people and a mallet.  We ended up having to raise the shelving above the unit a little higher in order to use the top shelf, but that’s not an issue since those items are rarely used.

We sorted our garage items into several crates and these are the “categories” we came up with:

  • Sports-balls, gloves, etc.
  • Summer yard toys-water table accessories, bubbles, etc.
  • Car Wash-Soaps, rags, wipes, etc
  • Beach-bags, toys, floats, etc.
  • Light bulbs
  • Cooking-cedar planks, cast iron pots, lighter fluid, etc.
  • Cleats-Yes there is a whole bin of cleats because Joe is a hoarder
  • Other items on the shelf include a tackle box, empty crate, and ice chests.


Now that we have organized the stray items floating around the garage and contained them into bins on the shelf, we have freed up more floor space and the garage feels less cluttered.

Still to do for the garage project:

  • Label bins, crates, and tool box
  • Hang decor-Joe’s football jersey, chalk board/message board of some kind?
  • Add address numbers to the door-see pinterest board
  • Take after shots of the space

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