getting closer

30th January 2015

30 weeks along now and another week closer to holding our little man!


So far so good!  We are measuring on schedule for an Easter due date and my belly is growing very quickly.  I feel little kicks here and there but this guy is pretty chill compared to his sister and mostly likes to stretch.  I especially love when he gets hyper at night when I eat ice cream on the couch:)  Remind me to stop that habit after he comes! Ahh the joy of having a baby right before swim suits.

I have really enjoyed being pregnant over the winter months instead of summer.  Only a little swelling has occurred and my maternity wardrobe consists of maternity tees and sweaters, ahhh so comfy!

Cravings have included ranch dressing, chalupas, and cookies although I crave cookies even when I’m not pregnant.  These days I just get hungry for a certain restaurant and crave it until we go there.  Weird, but today it’s Popeyes red beans and rice, Haha!!

We finally picked a name and decided on Joseph Charles which is very special because 1. it’s Joe’s name and 2. it’s our grandfather’s middle names combined.  I’ve been calling him baby Joe Joe and so has Madeleine.  Can I call him that forever???  We’ll just see what he thinks when he gets here!!

We are stocking up on diapers and boy clothes, Gymboree made a killing off me last week, and getting the room ready.  Just like with Madeleine, my favorite thing to buy are shoes, and I know they are so impractical, but my oh my they are tiny, precious, and irresistible.


We are in the process of getting Madeleine’s big girl room ready but not quite ready for her to actually sleep in the bed so right now the plan is this: Have the room ready and move over all of M’s clothes and nick nacks, move Joe Joe into the nursery  but keep M in the crib until the time is right.  We shall see.

The theme for M’s nursery was Famers Market and we are tweaking it just a little for J to become a Farm theme.  Think cow print crib sheet and stay tuned for a nursery post.

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