green & gold

13th November 2015

On a Saturday in October we got up before the sun and headed to Waco, Texas for some Baylor football.  Even though it wasn’t officially homecoming weekend, it was homecoming for our gang and such a fun time catching up with our greatest college friends!  We went back and forth about taking the kids but decided it would be a great time for everyone to meet Joseph and we can’t leave Madeleine out of a football game, she LOVES them.  The stadium still blows our minds and we love seeing how great the football program is doing at BU.  I have to be careful because my little ones are liking this green and gold thing a liitle too much. Gig ’em!


IMG_3943IMG_3948IMG_3944 IMG_3959 IMG_3970IMG_4560 IMG_4564 IMG_4567



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