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17th March 2015


We desperately needed some hanging organization in our garage.  We had tons of open wall space to utilize but for the longest time, our tools just leaned in a corner looking cluttered and hard to get to.



Our solution was inspired by our home’s previous owner who installed garage shelving himself using lumber, so we used the same method and attached lumber to the wall and then secured various hooks for our tools.



There are several hooks to choose from and we shopped around to find the ones we needed.  We ended up with one ladder hook, 4 ‘U’ shaped hooks for rakes and shovels, 3 clip hooks for brooms and skinny poles, and then several heavy duty utility hooks for items like our lawn chairs, washer boards, and small yard machines.





Each hook ranges in price from $2-$6 so we saved a lot of money on this project using scrap wood.  If you want a cleaner, sophisticated look, like this garage I did, you can purchase the tracks and coordinating hooks for about $200 from your hardware store.  A high end solution would be the Elfa collection from The Container Store.  They have a utility line that allows you to even add shelves and baskets to the tracks.  This is expensive but worth it!


A great tip for hanging garage items is don’t limit your self to one row.  In our garage and the one I linked to, we used two rows of tracks which allows you to maximize your vertical space and provides flexibility for retrieving items off the wall.


AFTER and you can see how it comes right up to our scrap wood storage


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