happy birthday two joseph

12th April 2017


I can’t believe Joseph is TWO years old!  We celebrated him with a tractor birthday party at our house because this little boy is crazy about excavators, dump trucks, “dull dozers” and diggers.  Oh and he has known all their names since he was 20 months and he WILL correct you.  I laugh because I carry 5 small construction vehicles in my purse at all times, like I used to carry pacifiers, because they will distract him out of a tantrum or quietly entertain him for a bit.  We sent each of his little friends home with one as a party favor:)

Joseph’s birthday gift from us was a sandbox in the back yard because he would play in the flowerbeds with his trucks and tractors all day long if we would let him.  “Give that boy a sandbox,” one of my great aunts told me. Haha! It has been a big hit with Joe Joe and it was a fun party attraction too.

I would ask Joseph what kind of birthday party he wanted and he would tell me, “A tractor one, a yayow tractor one.” There are so many awesome construction party ideas out there that planning was simple.  I always love when one of their ideas happens to be a section at Hobby Lobby!  How do they know? Ha!

Whenever we asked Joseph what he wanted for his birthday he would always respond with, “Cake,” and giggle at the thought.  I told him my idea of dirt cake, to go with the theme, and he was so excited to eat dirt!  One of his little friends, who is very tidy and clean, would NOT even try it.  He took one look and said, “Nope, that’s too dirty.” Joseph didn’t seem to mind and I think he kind of liked be the center of attention during “Happy Birthday.”

It is so fun to celebrate another year with Joseph and reflect on the little boy he has become; energetic, sweet, joyful, considerate, respectful. I’ll write more about him at this age in another post because I just want to remember it all!

Happy Birthday Joseph!






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