happy easter

26th April 2017

Easter is such a wonderful season of the year and our family kicks it off with lots of celebration and tradition; dying eggs, holy week masses, stations of the cross, egg hunts, and bbq. Highlights: Dying eggs with whisks (life changing), Joseph sleeping on the cousin club pallet in his sleeping bag for the first time (woke up at 5 AM wanting to look at tractors on the computer with Pops), rodeo at Grandma Pawelek’s with Honeybun the calf/puppy, Joseph looking out our front window for the Easter bunny on Sunday morning, and Madeleine calling Nerds candy “turds.” Here are some of my favorite pictures from our Easter weekend. Happy Easter y’all!

IMG_7031 IMG_7005 IMG_6985 IMG_6950 IMG_6942 IMG_6911 IMG_7227 IMG_7222 IMG_7223 IMG_7199 IMG_7192 IMG_7185 IMG_7181 IMG_7157


IMG_7093 IMG_7082 IMG_7077 IMG_7368 IMG_7361 IMG_7339 IMG_7315 IMG_7286 IMG_7248 IMG_7433 IMG_7413 IMG_7405 IMG_7389 IMG_0246 IMG_0237

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