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28th January 2015

Last time I posted about our laundry room it was looking like this:



Which is a giant step up from this:


Well now it looks likes this!



Tasks still remaining on our Laundry To Do List included:

  • Touch up the trim and door paint
  • Make a countertop and stain the shelf to match
  • Purchase a frame or washboard to cover up the ugly connection box
  • Stage and Decorate??

Joe made the countertop out of cabinet grade ply wood from Lowe’s that he cut to size and stained with our ‘go to’ Jacobean color.  I was pretty leery of using ply wood because it’s rough and I wanted a smooth finish, especially when it came time to wipe off lint or fold on the surface.  The first go round was pretty rough, pun intended, so Joe used our sander on top of the stain to smooth it out and then added a coat of clear polyurethane.  There were still a few snags here and there so one more round of sanding and poly did the trick.  It is really smooth y’all!



Installation was a piece of cake.  We took a few pieces of trim board and screwed them into the studs on each side wall.  We made the outside cut at an angle so you can’t see it when you look head on.  The counter top, once we got it in the door and under the cabinets, just slides right on top.  

**It’s important to note that the counter doesn’t go all the way to the back wall because the washer and dryer connections are in the way.  We also didn’t want to secure the counter with silicone or caulking in case we have to remove it to access the connections.  There are tons of solutions for working around the hoses but this one seemed to work best for us.

Since the connections come above the counter I wanted to cover them up tastefully so I had the idea to use an old washer board.  I found this one at Crate and Barrel for only $20 and it is the perfect disgu’size.’ :)



Joe also stained the middle shelf to match the counter and please check out my giant value size detergent.  I am still on my first one and am not missing buying the small detergents every other grocery trip.

IMG_6893IMG_8750 5.24.33 PM









Here’s a peek inside the upper cabinets.  There is still tons of room for storage but I love everything neat and tidy, much better than the pedestals.

IMG_8744IMG_8747IMG_8749 5.24.33 PM

Still left to do:

  • Touch up trim and door paint
  • And I’m on the hunt for a cute laundry room print, something like this

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