madeleine’s big girl room, before

25th February 2015

IMG_7000  The nursery isn’t undergoing a major transformation, so much of my ‘nesting’ has been in Madeleine’s big girl room next door.  Here are some before pictures of what it was as a guest room with my old furniture and college bedding, etc.


I lovingly labeled this guest room the ‘craft room’ because I stored all of my crafting supplies, gift wrap, candles, etc in the huge desk, under the bed, and in the walk in closet.  I have relocated all of this to a closet in our third bedroom, but more about that later.


Check out my Pinterest Board for M’s room here.  There aren’t a ton of pins because it’s still a work in progress.  All I know is that I want there to be room for toys and bright fun colors.  We were given bedroom furniture by our neighbor’s and Grandma and Papa gave M her bedding and curtains as part of her Christmas gift.

We’ve already come a long way in there but stay tuned to see!

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