5th January 2016

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Way to go Joseph!  This month you are officially mobile! You started crawling, then crawling faster and before we knew it you were pulling up on things the very next week.  One day I left you in the living room while I went to the kitchen to start dinner.  I could hear you playing and making your sweet little sounds so I wasn’t worried, but when I went to check on you, you were all the way up to the second to last stair!!!  Oops. Cue baby gates.IMG_4426 IMG_4469

It’s so great to watch you explore every nook and you get into places Madeleine never seemed interested in.  We’re definitely having to keep an eye on you and our floors spotless because everything goes into your mouth, including a rolley polley, yuck!  You even have your first crawling injury, a dark bruise on your chin.  Not sure exactly when this happened but I am assuming it has something to do with our fireplace because you are obsessed with climbing it and playing on top.IMG_4565 IMG_4579

I can’t think of any new words you know this month but you started dancing to music which is adorable.  The first time was at chipotle when Madeleine got down and started dancing and you joined right in bobbing up and down in your high chair. Now when we say, “Dance JoeJoe,” you really get into it and bounce away. Lately you have been playing with my wedding ring whenever we cuddle at night.  I’m not sure why I love it so much but it really tickles me when you lay down in my arms in the rocking chair and go right for my ring and toy with it until you fall asleep. So sweet.IMG_4586 IMG_4666

This month we celebrated your first Christmas.  You were so cute in all your baby button downs and sweaters.  You love all your new toys and especially loved the wrapping paper and ribbons. Santa brought you a baby sports activity center and a tool box with light up gadgets. You did so great making road trips, napping and sleeping in new places, and playing with everyone.IMG_2696 IMG_3231

We had a visit to the doctor after Christmas because you were running a low fever and had a terrible cough.  You ended up with your first ear infection but love amoxicillin so your were feeling better quick.IMG_2676copy IMG_2783copy

At nine months you weigh 17lb 8oz and are 26.5 inches long.  You are wearing size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes and size 2 shoes. Still no teeth and barely any hair:)  Happy nine months Joe Joe!

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