happy easter

26th April 2017

Easter is such a wonderful season of the year and our family kicks it off with lots of celebration and tradition; dying eggs, holy week masses, stations of the cross, egg hunts, and bbq. Highlights: Dying eggs with whisks (life changing), Joseph sleeping on the cousin club pallet in his sleeping bag for the first time (woke up at 5 AM wanting to look at tractors on the computer with Pops), rodeo at Grandma Pawelek’s with Honeybun the calf/puppy, Joseph looking out our front window for the Easter bunny on Sunday morning, and Madeleine calling Nerds candy “turds.” Here are some of my favorite pictures from our Easter weekend. Happy Easter y’all!

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happy birthday two joseph

12th April 2017


I can’t believe Joseph is TWO years old!  We celebrated him with a tractor birthday party at our house because this little boy is crazy about excavators, dump trucks, “dull dozers” and diggers.  Oh and he has known all their names since he was 20 months and he WILL correct you.  I laugh because I carry 5 small construction vehicles in my purse at all times, like I used to carry pacifiers, because they will distract him out of a tantrum or quietly entertain him for a bit.  We sent each of his little friends home with one as a party favor:)

Joseph’s birthday gift from us was a sandbox in the back yard because he would play in the flowerbeds with his trucks and tractors all day long if we would let him.  “Give that boy a sandbox,” one of my great aunts told me. Haha! It has been a big hit with Joe Joe and it was a fun party attraction too.

I would ask Joseph what kind of birthday party he wanted and he would tell me, “A tractor one, a yayow tractor one.” There are so many awesome construction party ideas out there that planning was simple.  I always love when one of their ideas happens to be a section at Hobby Lobby!  How do they know? Ha!

Whenever we asked Joseph what he wanted for his birthday he would always respond with, “Cake,” and giggle at the thought.  I told him my idea of dirt cake, to go with the theme, and he was so excited to eat dirt!  One of his little friends, who is very tidy and clean, would NOT even try it.  He took one look and said, “Nope, that’s too dirty.” Joseph didn’t seem to mind and I think he kind of liked be the center of attention during “Happy Birthday.”

It is so fun to celebrate another year with Joseph and reflect on the little boy he has become; energetic, sweet, joyful, considerate, respectful. I’ll write more about him at this age in another post because I just want to remember it all!

Happy Birthday Joseph!






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IMG_6802 copy

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IMG_6778 copy


no pup is too small

3rd November 2016

Paw Patrol is the favorite show in our household these days, so Madeleine and Joseph dressed up as Skye and Marshall this year, and Joe and I tagged along as Ryder and Katie. It was always funny when I told people what we were dressing up as and they had never heard of Paw Patrol #parentprobs. Paw Patrol is on a roll!!!

We had fun with family and neighbors trick or treating and got enough candy to last us till Easter!  Madeleine told us “her bucket was tired of carrying all the candy,” and “skeletons are not scary they are just cool.” :)

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!

img_5704 img_5725 img_5752 img_5766 img_5774 img_5785 img_5789 img_5808 img_5809 img_5823

closet craft

18th October 2016


When we transformed the “craft room” into Madeleine’s big girl room, I was challenged with fitting all the supplies into the guest room…CLOSET.  I really wanted our last bedroom and guest room to feel spacious and relaxing for our visitors, not crowded with glue sticks, sharpies, and fabric scraps.


Before – This was the desk in M’s soon to be Big Girl Room

Taking down the desk was a little emotional.  I got this desk in 5th grade y’all!  It was from The Container Store, which probably started my love affair, and it’s amazing because it can grow and assemble in so many different ways. Sad day because they don’t sell it anymore:( Anyway, I took it to college (all 3 houses), it spent a few years in my brother’s casa, and then here it was in our first house.  I didn’t cry or anything but I really did not want to get rid of it or pack it away in the attic.

Light bulb!!  I got the idea of taking the different pieces apart and utilizing them as closet storage pieces. Much to my excitement, the tall tower of shelves fit perfectly in the tall hanging space of the new “craft closet.” Holla! And then to top it off, the mid size shelf fit perfectly in Madeleine’s closet. The only thing we had to put up in the attic was the desk top. Hooray!







The shelves now are full of bins and boxes that hold all my craft supplies.  TIP: I save old jars, chocolate tins, and cans and then paint them to coordinate with other containers in the same space. In this closet, I painted a tin, the frame of the cork board, and an old hat box.


The drawer contains the necessities like pencils, scissors, rulers, tape and tacs. On the various shelves I keep boxes of markers, ribbons, my sewing machine, and a file box.  I parked my scrapbooking bag and stationary sorter under the shelf and the wrapping paper container is also on the floor along with hat boxes full of paper, fabric, and refill supplies like staples, tape, etc. The over the door organizer actually came from our pantry when we first moved in and updated it here.  I love having most of the supplies just a grab away and not tucked into a bin, on a shelf, up high.




With our days as busy as they are, I don’t have as much time to start and finish a project.  Having an organized space and accessible materials means I’m able to save some prep time and get to the things I need more efficiently.

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