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13th January 2015


We all have passwords, especially in this digital day and age, and I am truly amazed at the number of combinations I can memorize.  There are times however when I forget, especially when my ‘go to’ password doesn’t meet the security factors of a site and I have to come up with something I’ll forget in five minutes.  You know what I’m talking about.

My typical solution for remembering the 15 or so passwords I use on the regular was to write them out in my planner on one of the back note pages.  This is completely unsafe and insecure and although no one will want my rapid rewards number, they might find some interest in my Etsy account or blog log in. Better safe than sorry!

This year as I transition to my new agenda, I will not transfer those back pages.  Instead, I purchased an app and now have my information securely stored on my phone.  I did some research as there are several password keeper apps to choose from.  Some of them are free but limit you to the number of passwords you can store and others charge you an annual fee.  I decided to go with mSecure which costs $9.99 and is the only fee I will get.


So far I really like it.  You start off by generating the password of all passwords. Seriously, the longest one I have ever had, but it makes sense if it’s keeping all my other passwords safe, it must need to be grand.  You are allowed one little hint but there are no ‘forgot your password’ prompts with this app.  Once it’s lost, it’s lost, and you have to start over.


Once you get started, the app organizes your information into items such as bank account, web log ins, frequent flyer, combinations, etc and each one has a different icon.  You can also create customized groups which I find really helpful.  For example, I have several web log ins for bills like CPS and SAWS and Time Warner, so I created a “Bills” group to house all of them.  Now when I need to access my account, my info is there and safe.

How do you save your passwords? If you already have a solution, share it!  If not, try this one with me and decrease the password post its.


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