4th June 2015

We do a lot of reading over here and I wanted to share some of our favorite books in case you are looking for something new for your little people.

I’ll Love You Forever (‘Eber’ as M calls it) This one is very special because it’s the first book Joe read to his mom all by himself. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can read it without crying so I am thrilled.

Go Dog Go-This has been a favorite for a while.  What kid doesn’t love dogs?  I really like the things it teaches like sleeping at night when it’s dark or what red lights and green lights mean.  It’s a fun one.

The Ear Book-Madeleine loves that it talks about bubble gum and drums.  My mom saved all our Disney and Dr. Suess books from when we were kids and now my kids can read them.  How cool is that? Thanks mom!

Mommy’s Best Kisses-this one is just too sweet and is MY favorite.  You’ll see.

Little People Picture Book-I love this one because there is no story but each page is a BIG scene with tons of details that you can teach your toddler about.  For example, a school scene that shows everything from a flag pole to the cafeteria, to art class, to basketball on the playground.  We can look at one picture forever just telling M what everything is.

Happy Reading!


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