sand and swimsuits

7th September 2016

We took a trip down to the beach with Joe’s side of the family in August and had so much fun playing with ALL the sweet babies in our family!! We see each other throughout the year but this is one of the few times we are all together in one place.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip…

img_4806 img_4809 img_4813 img_4816 img_4843 img_4871 img_4880 img_4883 img_4887 img_4890 img_4908 img_4936 img_4939 img_4980 img_5095 img_5133 img_5134 img_5153 img_5193 img_5198 img_5207 img_5240 img_5247 img_5251 img_5263 img_5266 img_5288 img_5302 img_5314

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