23rd June 2015



Joseph you have done a lot of growing this month!  You weighed 10lb 15oz at your 8 week check up and measured 23 inches long!  You are wearing 0-3 month clothing and size one diapers.  All that growing makes you sleepy and hungry which is pretty much your routine through the days; eat, play, sleep, repeat.  You started sleeping in the nursery this month and you stretch out your night time feedings to about 3-5 hours which I appreciate, but I am most thankful that you put yourself to sleep during the night.  All I have to do is swaddle you up and kiss you goodnight.IMG_1964

IMG_1975You started smiling this month which is adorable and we are just tickled every time you flash one.  You usually smile when you see me, dad, or Madeleine, and smile throughout our conversations.  You even coo back, making the best high pitched squeals and gurgles.  You also like when we tickle your feet or move your legs (this also soothes your tummy aches).



You are very observant this month and like to look all around the room.  You tend to stare at the ceiling fans and like to watch Madeleine play.  Your best time is at night around 7-8 o’clock.  You are so wide awake, alert, and ready to party.  You spend a lot of time on the floor because you love to stretch out but we have to make you look to your left because your head is flattening on the right side.


IMG_3533You went to the doctor this month for your 8 week check up and we got some medicine for your severe spit up and a little rash you have.  The ointment for the rash made you breakout even worse and you were in pain when I touched it so we had to try a new medicine.  You were such a trooper and got through it with minimal fussing which was great since dad was out of town.











Some big events from your second month: HEB trip by myself with you and Madeleine (BIG DEAL), first trip to Panna Maria, first baseball game, and our first Mother’s Day together.  Happy 2 months sweet boy!


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