4th November 2015

IMG_4035Wow! Seven months already?!  Hard to believe but easy to see now that you sit up like a big boy all the time.  You love being able to sit and play with all your toys and see everything going on, but you cry immediately when we are out of your sight. I think your favorite place to sit up is in the bathtub.  You chew on all the bath toys, splash, and suck the water out of the wash rag. MY favorite places for you to sit up are in the grocery cart and the restaurant high chairs. Yay!!  At the end of this month you started to push up on all fours and rock back and forth. Crazy that you will be crawling soon and I’m so excited to see where YOU want to go!
IMG_3993IMG_4654This month you tried puffs and like them a lot.  It’s great practice for you to learn how to work those fingers and hands and hilarious that we find puffs just about everywhere now.  You still LOVE fruits and spit out vegetables so now for dinner you have the ‘2nd Foods’ like apples and chicken, or pear zucchini corn. You finally got the hang of your sippy cup but you need us to hold it up for you.  You always look surprised when you actually get water out! No teeth yet but still drooling and chewing all day every day.


IMG_4061You are talking so much in your own little baby way.  You say “hi,” “mmmammma,” “dada,” “mada,” (Madeleine) and I swear you said “Nana” the other day for banana. You also love to blow bubble gum these days which is hilarious to us.



IMG_4549We took you to your first Baylor football game this month and you loved it!  You were so nosy that you hardly slept during the game.  Another big event this month was Halloween.  You dressed up as Mickey and Madeleine was Minnie.  You were such a trick or treating trooper in the wagon just looking around and taking everything in.  Thanks for sharing your candy with us!

IMG_3974IMG_2077You weigh 14lb 15oz and are 26.5 inches long.  You wear size 2 diapers and are just starting to wear 6-12 months only because it’s getting cold outside.  Your hair is getting a little thicker too!  Happy seventh month JoeJoe!



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