6th October 2015

IMG_4262Joseph this month you have been eating all kinds of stuff!  Rice cereal, oatmeal, teething wafers, baby food, bananas, wash rags and your own feet. You are such a stinker and dislike veggies so we have to trick you by dipping the spoon in fruits too or else you will spit it everywhere. Speaking of spitting, you have learned how and do it often.


IMG_4467 IMG_4402

You are getting pretty vocal and say sounds like “mmm” and “gaga.” I’m pretty sure you say “mama” in your own way and I swear you said “hi” to me one morning.  We have a theory this will be your first word because M and I say hello and hi to you ALL the time.IMG_4335 IMG_4305

We have been practicing sitting up these days and you love this new position because you can see everything and grab at your toys.  Sitting up is also fun in the bath and pool because you get to splash around. We even tried swinging a few times this month and you always get a huge smile on your face when we push you a little higher. When you do lay down on the floor you roll immediately onto your tummy making diaper changes more of a wrestling match.



Some fun events from this month were the church festival, county fair, football games (loved), and volleyball games (too loud).IMG_4210

We have not had your 6 month check up yet but we had a visit to the doctor due to pink eye and a cold.  You weighed 14lb 4oz and were 26 inches long.  You are still in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing.  Your hair is coming in blonde and your BIG eyes are bright blue.IMG_3696 IMG_3662 IMG_3656

I cannot believe it has been half a year since you were born.  Happy six months baby joe joe.







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      How fun!!! I am obsessed with baby clothes and both grandmas are too so we have a lot of fun playing dress up with the kiddos:)


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