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4th February 2015

Are you getting mail that says “Important Tax Document Enclosed?”  I am too and here are some tips on how to stay organized this tax season.

  • Designate a folder and keep it  handy for collecting tax forms that come in the mail. During a free minute, gather documents you already have and will need, such as social security numbers for dependents, and keep them in  the folder as well.  When you are ready to file, the folder of forms is ready for you!
  • Save your log in info if using an online tax service such as Turbo Tax.  We used Turbo Tax last year and they have sent me a reminder email or two about my 2014 tax return.  Take that reminder as an opportunity to make sure you have your username and password.  Saved information from previous returns is a major time saver this year!

Important tax dates to remember:

January 31st was the deadline for your employer and bank to send your important forms like your W2, 1098, or 1099. Haven’t gotten it? Make sure you have the correct address listed with your human resources department and bank so these forms are guaranteed to get to the right place.

April 15th-Duh your taxes are due!

If you keep receipts, start going through them now.  I keep a small accordion file of receipts and one of the sections is dedicated to donation receipts that I can claim on my taxes.

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Happy filing!

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