two year old you

16th September 2015


Madeleine is two years old now and full of personality.  She definitely has a mind of her own and shows her independence most when it’s time to pick out her clothes in the morning when she says “let’s get ready for the day!” She is VERY into dresses and loves to wear her white patent leather shoes with everything.  Her favorite activities are coloring (chalk, markers, colored pencils, crayons), going on walks (she says, “bye see ya later”), play doh (we make pretend cookies), dress up (she pretends to be a beautiful bride), and dancing (we have the BEST dance parties to “the shake song” and M’s dance moves are A-mazing). She is my best buddy. The sweetest times are at night when we read stories and cuddle with prayers and then in the morning when we have coffee and milk in bed, she always request Peekaboo Barn.  This girl likes to go go go and often asks to go to the park, to Chick fil A, or “Karget.” She told me the other day she needed to go to HEB and I asked what she needed and she said, “groceries”, I asked what kind of groceries and she replied,”turkey and cheese.” Madeleine also likes to play with Joseph, and this means play while Joseph watches her.  She still has a hard time letting Joseph have toys but she loves to make him laugh by getting close to his face and making silly sounds and faces. Sometimes she asks to hold his hand and just sits beside him for a bit. Since J came along, M likes to pretend with her babies too and sometimes I see her on the monitor shushing and bouncing her “butterfly blanket” like a little baby when she is supposed to be napping.

I could go on and on with stories but the bottom line is we love this little girl and everything about her two year old self.  My sister-in-law had the great idea of interviewing our kids on each birthday and asking them about their likes and such.  Below are Madeleine’s answers and then a little input from me as well…


What is your favorite meal? “pasta” “quesadilla” (her fave is rice and beans)

What is your favorite color? “orange”

What is your favorite toy? “the frog ribbit ribbit” (This is Joseph’s favorite toy)

What is your favorite song? “The shake song” (Taylor Swift-Shake it Off)

Who is your best friend? “Joe Joe”

Who do you love? “Mama…. and Daddy”

Who is your favorite princess? “Eby” (her cousin Evelyn)

What is your favorite snack? “Teddy Grahams” (Its actually fruit snacks and colored goldfish)

What is your favorite book? “Go Dog Go”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “Two”

What is your favorite breakfast? “I like bagel”

What is your favorite sport? “run”

What’s your favorite drink? “Sonic”

….and a little throw back to Madeleine when she turned one.  Can you believe how much they change so fast??

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