woohoo! madeleine is two

4th September 2015


We celebrated Madeleine’s second birthday the last weekend in August with a party at the park.  The “green park” as she calls it, is one of her favorite places. We walk there every week with our friends and play on the playground afterwards and on every other day of the week she asks to go to there so it was the perfect place for her  celebration!


We added in another one of her favorite things, sno cones!  The ice cream truck that comes down our street (#cityperks) gladly came to the party and made snocones for everyone!  Thanks Mr. Pete!


It was a great day with great weather and one happy little girl.  She had been talking about her birthday for weeks saying enthusiastically  (almost yelling) “I’m gonna be TWO YEARS OLD. My birthday is AUGUST 31st! Sno cones are gonna be there! I’m gonna have TWO PINK CANDLES for my SECOND BIRTHDAY!”

And she did. And now she is two.


IMG_1636IMG_1639 IMG_1673 IMG_1678 IMG_1680 IMG_1702



IMG_4171 IMG_4193

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