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closet craft

18th October 2016


When we transformed the “craft room” into Madeleine’s big girl room, I was challenged with fitting all the supplies into the guest room…CLOSET.  I really wanted our last bedroom and guest room to feel spacious and relaxing for our visitors, not crowded with glue sticks, sharpies, and fabric scraps.


Before – This was the desk in M’s soon to be Big Girl Room

Taking down the desk was a little emotional.  I got this desk in 5th grade y’all!  It was from The Container Store, which probably started my love affair, and it’s amazing because it can grow and assemble in so many different ways. Sad day because they don’t sell it anymore:( Anyway, I took it to college (all 3 houses), it spent a few years in my brother’s casa, and then here it was in our first house.  I didn’t cry or anything but I really did not want to get rid of it or pack it away in the attic.

Light bulb!!  I got the idea of taking the different pieces apart and utilizing them as closet storage pieces. Much to my excitement, the tall tower of shelves fit perfectly in the tall hanging space of the new “craft closet.” Holla! And then to top it off, the mid size shelf fit perfectly in Madeleine’s closet. The only thing we had to put up in the attic was the desk top. Hooray!







The shelves now are full of bins and boxes that hold all my craft supplies.  TIP: I save old jars, chocolate tins, and cans and then paint them to coordinate with other containers in the same space. In this closet, I painted a tin, the frame of the cork board, and an old hat box.


The drawer contains the necessities like pencils, scissors, rulers, tape and tacs. On the various shelves I keep boxes of markers, ribbons, my sewing machine, and a file box.  I parked my scrapbooking bag and stationary sorter under the shelf and the wrapping paper container is also on the floor along with hat boxes full of paper, fabric, and refill supplies like staples, tape, etc. The over the door organizer actually came from our pantry when we first moved in and updated it here.  I love having most of the supplies just a grab away and not tucked into a bin, on a shelf, up high.




With our days as busy as they are, I don’t have as much time to start and finish a project.  Having an organized space and accessible materials means I’m able to save some prep time and get to the things I need more efficiently.

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GIT Ideas : Golf Storage

26th July 2016

How do you store your golf gear? Usually, everything can fit into a golf bag and most of the time, bags are leaned up against the wall or stashed in a corner.  I did a little research for a friend who was asking my golf storage opinion and I found a couple of solutions.

1.  There are racks especially for golf bags that you can hang on the wall in your garage like this one from The Container Store ($24.99).  It’s designed to hold two bags (with clubs) and two pairs of shoes.  Depending on your garage storage solution, you may be able to add a hook to your track system to hold your golf bag.


2.  Another option is a golf stand that simply sits on the floor and has shelves and cubbies for all you golf gear.  This one at Target is $56 and will tidy up your golf corner and keep your bag upright and looking organized.


If you are overwhelmed with golf equipment, it might be time to go through your bag and pull out the million golf balls floating in every pocket and store them in a basket on your spare shelf in the garage. Or try to find space to zip golf shoes inside the bag, maybe even donate that old driver that was replaced last Father’s Day.  If all the gear is in one bag you can grab quickly, there will be less fuss before teeing off.

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put it up^

17th May 2016


Yay for an organizing project and blog post that’s not about my kids!!





This was my first big job since Joseph was born and maybe my biggest project EVER and I absolutely loved it!  For some people, I understand this is a nightmare, but going through a bunch of stuff and making sense of piles is therapeutic for me and something I love to do with my free time.  The design aspect is a great creative outlet and who doesn’t love a good before and after shot?





I really enjoyed this client’s garage.  Working outside with the beautiful Texas weather was a treat and I loved tracking the visual progress.





Like most of my projects, we started sorting through all the ‘stuff’ making different piles of keeps and tosses and then went back through categorizing items like outdoor cooking, beach toys, automotive, etc.





The solution to storage in this space was to put everything up, vertically.  This was a dream garage with tons of un-utilized vertical space, so we purchased 4 industrial shelving units and large utility bins from Costco along with a DIY workbench and track system from Home Depot.


IMG_5677The biggest challenge in the project was making room for the furniture that my client is storing for relatives and children who want these heirloom pieces for their adult houses.  We were able to pass some along to the family now, but the remaining pieces found homes in left over wall space. The large banquet table is a great ‘shed’ for big tools like the shop vac and tiller, but can still be pulled out easily for large gatherings.

On the design side, we carried out black, yellow, and steel throughout the space.  I painted the legs of the diy work bench and the wooden tracks black so they would look more finished.

The outlet for the freezer was located on the left side of the garage, so we installed a shelving unit to hold food and beverage related items like ice chests, propane tanks, burners, and charcoal.  Extra shelf space allows the client to stock up on party supplies like bottled water and soda.



We parked three rolling bins under the window, each filled with sports equipment, yard games, and pool toys that the grandkids can easily roll out to play and toss back in when they are finished.



We centered the workbench under the utility light and added three wooden, 8 ft tracks on each side with individual hooks to hang items.  TIP:  Lay out your tools/hanging gear on the ground to determine spacing, almost like playing Tetris, that way you don’t put unnecessary holes in the track as you go and risk running out of room.




The right side of the garage is home to three side by side shelving units with just enough left over space to store a set of tables and folding chairs. The open space in the middle is used for the foosball tables and parking the lawn mower.



I enjoyed the challenge of this big project and loved hearing that the family has spent more time outside since it was finished!

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little girl closet

14th October 2015

IMG_9405Madeleine has upgraded to her big girl room and inherited a big girl closet along with it.  Essentially it’s the same size as the nursery closet but has a different layout and, therefore, a different organization plan.

I am excited because her new closet has 4 rods but honestly, she is growing so fast that I am packing up small sizes before even using all the rod space.  This gave me the idea to remove one of the rods and add a shelf to store shoes, toys, etc.  The desk we had in this room before comes apart into a short and tall shelf unit and wouldn’t you know that the short unit fits perfectly inside the closet nook?  Holla!!









The unit has 4 shelves; the top two I used for shoe storage and the bottom two I used for toy bins and accessories. Joe cut another shelf to put right above the rod because the track was already there so now we have 3 shoe shelves, not pictured. (This has happened in several of our closets so check yours to see if your rod has the track and you can easily add storage space with a plywood shelf) I bought these adorable linen bins from target and I can fit three on each shelf.  The contents of each bin are:

  • -Bloomers and tights
  • -Headbands
  • -Hats and beanies
  • -Toys take up two bottom bins; I love having her toys on the bottom shelf so she can get them out on her own, and on a good day, put them away on her own.
  • -Attic (This is where I temporarily put items that she has grown out of.  Once the bin is full I put them in the attic where I am saving all her stuff in case we have another little girl someday.)








Right now her clothes are divided by season, which in Texas is summer and winter.  I hang up all long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and winter dresses (winter) and hang all tank tops, short sleeved shirts, summer dresses, and rompers (summer).  I fold shorts, skirts, pants, and leggings and store them in the bottom drawer of her dresser.

For the top shelves in closets I like to purchase linen bins that I can easily pull down for those hard to reach high places instead of playing a balancing act.  In these bins I store luggage, memory boxes, and very seasonal things such as ski pants and boots.  On the shelf in between rods I have another linen bin that holds diapers and wipes so they are easy to grab and restock.

M’s big girl closet is perfect for this season of life. Her stuff is put away but it’s still easy to play!


cabinet care

23rd September 2015

Medicine Cabinet Organization

IMG_3240Y’all this is my first organizing project since Joseph came along and it felt so good to start and finish this project…even if it was a small one.  It all started when I was trying to put my vitamins back in the cabinet and every time I made room something else fell out. #crowded





I took everything out of both medicine cabinets, our and the kids’, and tossed everything that was expired.  I was SO surprised at how much medicine we threw out.  No joke there were some from 2012…yikes! I realized that we had a lot more in our cabinet than the kids so I transferred all our thermometers, Pepto, and throat spray over to the kids bathroom to make room.  We don’t use these things on a regular basis so I’m sure we won’t miss them on our side.

The remaining items I separated into categories like allergy, cold and flu, pain relief, etc.  I took a picture of everything layed out on the counter so that I could reference back when I was shopping for containers.  This was very helpful to know what quantity and sizes to plan for. The Container Store has caddies and containers specifically for medicine and then their selection of small boxes is great too.




Since everything was out of the cabinets I decided to add some “wall paper” using the same wrapping paper I installed as drawer liners.  This is how I did it here and here.



IMG_3264Putting everything back in was a little like playing Tetris (remember that game?) and the caddy allows for easy reaching and maximizing the vertical space. I used tall acrylic boxes for storing bandaids (kids and adult) and thermometers.  The small cubbies hold items like chapstick and droppers while bigger bottles can stand alone.

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